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About Douglas Unified School District #27
Aerial Photo of Douglas, Arizona
Aerial Photo of Douglas, Arizona


Douglas Unified School District #27 (DUSD) encompasses 552 square miles, extending from the border with Mexico on the south and 15 miles north, and from the Arizona/New Mexico border on the east to a line one mile west of King's Highway.

The Douglas Unified School District serves nearly 3,800 students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth grades and employs over 200 certified staff, made up of 187 teachers, 18 administrators, 8 counselors, and 4 nurses.  We employ more than 250 support staff, including 87 teaching assistants who support the classroom teachers and our students.

There are five elementary schools serving students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  Two middle schools serve our sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, while Douglas High School educates the young people in ninth through twelfth grades.  

DUSD's population is 96% Hispanic and 23% of our students are considered English Language Learners (ELL) or Limited English Proficient (LEP).  Therefore, our district has developed an exceptionally strong Structured English Immersion (SEI) Program to serve our students.
Douglas, Arizona lies in the southeastern corner of Arizona on the border with Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico, at an elevation of nearly 4,000 feet. We enjoy a quiet, rural lifestyle and one of the best climates in the nation.

The population of our friendly community is approximately 15,000 and the population of Agua Prieta is over 100,000. The two cities, separated by a chain link fence, share an interdependent economy and culture.

The Douglas community works closely with the school district to the benefit of our students. In 1994 the District and the City of Douglas, along with the Cochise Private Industry Council teamed up to write a grant. The U.S. Department of Labor awarded Douglas Youth Fair Chance $3 million to start an alternative high school and provide comprehensive school-to-work transition services, a strong community program, plus recreation, sports, and cultural activities.








The Douglas Unified School District #27 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion or disability.
El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Douglas #27 no discrimina sobre la base de raza, color, origen nacional, sexo, edad, religiĆ³n o discapacidad.

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Douglas, AZ 85607
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